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A half-day Yoga Retreat with Lori & Silke


Discover and release tension with Fascia Care and relax in long-held positions with Restorative Yoga

2024, March 17th, 1-4 pm / 13-16 Uhr

The Munich Collective

Belgradstraße 66, 80804 München

Why is Fascia Care important?

Fascia has a variety of tasks in your body: They support, which means they give you stability and structure. They protect. In the event of a fall, they absorb part of the impact and if you are injured, they play a crucial role in the healing process as well. Fascia stores and conducts energy; it is assumed that your life energy (prana) runs through the fascia. Fascia also senses, which means it becomes aware of and communicates information in your body. These are just a few of the many tasks of your fascia system. If your fascia system is healthy and relaxed, you feel better

Why is Restorative Yoga important?

I believe in today’s world we are living in a constant state of doing. Most people I encounter are feeling depleted and stressed. Restorative yoga emphasizes relaxation and deep breathing, which can activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This helps reduce the body's stress response, leading to a sense of calm and relaxation. Restorative yoga encourages practitioners to become more aware of their bodies, breath, and sensations. This heightened awareness can lead to a better understanding of how the body responds to stress and tension. The Mind-Body Connection of Restorative yoga promotes a strong connection between the mind and body. By focusing on the breath and being present in each pose, individuals can cultivate mindfulness, which can have positive effects on mental well-being. An experience everyone can benefit from.

               About Lori                

Lori's teaches with a blend of styles and with her intuitive style of teaching, her goal for the student is to leave feeling open, warm and hopeful a sense of gratitude for showing up to your mat. Her passion for the art and practice of Restorative Yoga began almost a decade ago and she hopes that by teaching Restorative Yoga it will ignite the desire of her students to find their stillness and peace within. To teach her students that this practice is not a replacement to their active practice but an addition to their practice and life. Understanding that the importance of being mindful in silence, stillness, darkness and warmth can give you the openness and space to explore your inner self and bring more joy to your life and to always remember when it's time to hug your bolster.

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                 About Silke                

For Silke yoga takes place on and off the mat. In her life´s journey, her motto is “A smile changes the world.” For almost 20 years, yoga has been her passion and an integral part of her life. Yoga always helps her ground herself. In her classes, you can expect a time on the mat filled with ease and love. After years of exploring different yoga styles, Silke now mainly teaches Restorative Yoga because we all need more rest in our busy lives, Fascia Yoga to find and ease tension in our body, Energy Medicine Yoga because when energy flows we can enjoy life in balance and harmony and Yamuna Body Rolling to live in a perfectly aligned body.

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70 EUR

*early bird until Feb 14th 65 EUR


Cancellation with full refund up until two weeks before (Feb 2nd), afterward no refund but you can send someone else in your place instead.

The workshop is in English, and German is available when needed.


Space is limited so please contact Lori to register at

Alle meine Angebote sind geeignet für Anfänger.

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