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Yoga in Dauphin Island, Alabama, USA

I was born in the 70s, grew up in the crazy 80s, and in the following years I worked, studied marketing, and started a family.

My love for yoga started after my third child was born and I was looking for something to relax my body and mind.

In 2010 we moved to Kecskemét, Hungary. Since it was very challenging to impossible to follow along in a yoga class in Hungarian, I decided to learn everything about yoga myself and took part in my first yoga training. That was in 2012 and since then my love for yoga has never left me.


In 2015 we moved to the USA as a family and I was lucky enough to study with many great teachers in the USA.


Since 2021 I have been back in Germany and, of course, my yoga journey continues.

 I teach Fascia Yoga, Energy Medicine Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Subtle Yoga & Yamuna Body Rolling.

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