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Make a special gift and give away a voucher for a yoga course. See the different options below. However, individual arrangements are possible at any time.

Option #1

privat 1:1 session


Online $50 (50€)


At your home $60 (60€)

Yoga studio in Tuscaloosa $70

Option #2

Group session

(max. 4 participants)


Yoga studio in Tuscaloosa

Up to 2 participants $100


From the third participant onwards, €10 per participant will be added.

Option #4

Business sessions

Give your employees a yoga class as a gift.


Can be arranged individually, whether more active yoga, yoga for relaxation, or fascia yoga.



Price and location will be agreed upon individually.

Book your voucher!

To book, write me an email. Add the option in the subject line so that I know which option to issue the voucher for.

Also add whether you would like to receive the voucher digitally or by post. When shipping, postage costs are added to the price.

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