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Why did I become a yoga teacher?

I could just say because I love it! Of course I love teaching yoga, but is that really my WHY?

Like so many I started yoga because of health problems. Unfortunately due to my physical limitations I had problems following the class sometimes, but I wasn't offered any alternatives. So I wanted to learn everything about yoga and attended in my first yoga teacher training.

If I had received money for every time someone told me: I can't do yoga because..., I would be rich today. So it quickly became clear to me that I wanted to offer yoga for every body.

The best compliment I once received from a participant was: “Your yoga class is like a freshly cooked meal every time.” At the time I asked myself why he felt that way. Today I know that it is because I am trying to respond to the person who is standing in front of me on the mat at that time and not strictly following my class layout.

Yoga has also given me community and a sense of belonging in recent years, for which I am deeply grateful.

So why do I teach? Of course because I love it and it makes me happy. But the reason that keeps me going is that I want to make yoga accessible to everyone and make my participants feel seen on the mat. And hopefully this shared love of yoga creates a sense of belonging and community in my classes.

Are you doing what you love and why are you doing it?

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